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Linda Stout: Photos

Check out the new cool London McDaniel and Linda Stout duo with mostly Linda's songs, and London's great backing vocals and instrumentals.
At Carriage House in a live radio showcase for Ithaca Festival with the talented Charlie Shew. He can play drums and bass, sometimes simultaneously. All photos by Simon Wheeler:
Matt and Linda do jazzy duo gigs with guitar, piano and vocal harmonies.
LInda on baritone ukulele, with Matt Robbins on vocals.
Another festival, with Joseph Prusch on viola, Chris Loxley on cello.
Matt Robbins in our duo gig at Juna's, Ithaca.
A studio shot of Linda.
Linda Stout
In addition to a Taylor acoustic guitar made of Koa, Linda blends warm round jazz tones with acoustic sounds on her Parker Fly. Because she's a small person, it fits her better than big jazz guitars.
Don't ask what Linda was thinking when this photo was shot.